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Suggestions For Supporting Detroit's Rap Artist

(1) Produce the Rap Artist samples rent, lease, sell and Trade Event. (2) Recruit and train a Security Team to add extra protection for fans. (3) Make a list of the Rap Artist that are ready for an audition. (4) Start a Listen to a Local Rap Artist track Campaign. (5) An urban talent scout network that looks for new Rap artist to introduce. (6) An up and coming Rap Artist Mentoring Program. (7) A free or low cost Audition Booking Service for Rap artist. (8) Produce an Annual "Artist Intro" streaming day to present local Rap artist. (9) Start the Mix-Track Image Design Awards. (10) Create a foundation to develop female Rap Artist. (11) Provide incentives to listeners that take the time to listen to a 3-minute introduction to new Rap Artist presenting their first track.  (12) Keep a database of independent Rap artist releases for referencing and documenting. (13) Organize the older fans into booster clubs for younger Rap Artist. (14) Promote “Listen to a local Rap Artist” Day. (15) Organize…

Suggestions For 1st Step Handling Of Individual Input 2018

Access To Input Used For Decision Making This policy calls for a plan of open access to inputs that are used to define the problem and for selecting the solution.
The Individual Experience ID Theft Prevention Policies This policy outlines the plan for validation check-points for assuring that input sources are the individuals that can make claim to the experience.
The Policy On The Input Provider Name Option    This policy clarifies the option to have the input providers name acknowledged with their provided input to define problems and select the solutions. This policy helps protect the input providers from individual experience ID theft.

When the individual claims and suggestions are provided, it’s the function of the P.C.P.A. to post and maintain the shared first party claims.
The Acknowledgement Of Receiving Individual Claims Policy This policy covers a compliance practice to satisfy that claims, or evidences, or proofs that have been submitted, have been received by the designated or aut…

Agenda Suggestions For Reducing Illegal Dumping in Michigan 2018

(1) Promote legislation to manage accumulation, storing and transfer of trash.
(2) Fund initiatives to divert illegal dumping from occurring.
(3) Fund initiatives that create odd jobs for haulers that are sole-proprietors.
(4) Patrol, evidence and educate on potential illegal dumping.
(5) Patrol for illegal dumping in progress for prosecution.
(6) Pay rewards for Haulers that report being solicited to haul and dump illegally.

(7) Pay rewards to individuals that identify trash that will potentially be illegally dumped.

(8) Pay rewards for tips identifying haulers intent on illegally dumping.
We have published an agenda to fight illegal dumping each year for over 2 decades.

Best Suggestions For Organizing The Formerly Incarcerated

From: Joshua Hoe Activist & Co-Host of Decarceration Nation

Suggestions To Reduce Illegal Tagging On Private & Public Property

(1) The anti-tagging duplication ordinance would call for and add responsibility. It would add restitution for removal and damages related to placing a duplicate tag similar to another illegal tag deemed to be placed without permission, this ordinance would impose on the individual tagger the responsibility and restitution cost for removal of the original and duplicate tags. (From m3g)

Suggestions To Get Better Customer Complaint Handling @ Tim Horton's

(1) Plan the Boycott. (2) Demand that Tim Horton's have a dedicated rapid response to food contamination complaints. (from: J. Jones)  (3) Stop absentee business operations that don't have complaint management in Michigan. (4) Lie detectors for all employee's in store at the time of incident.